convenience 5.0 15 fairness 5.0 14 trustworthiness 5.0 14

Only boss drop still worth something in wom is hard woj tbh


I’ll trade a full set for 2 :kissing_heart:

I’m good. I want as many tokens as possible.

I need a few things :nod:

Sure, what items are you looking for?

I’m looking for 10 Headlesses

Since I’m very nice I’ll offer you a whole rusty can for them

Blue sailor’s headband and Blue Cape
Also minotaur helm but idk the worth and i have no seasonals/boss drops

is this worth getting
like for my own store
10 of each boss drop

Lol, you asked me in game earlier if you remember and I joined my main to find one for you for free but I didn’t have it

No, wiz set worth more but I want to have a fuckkkkk ton of cash on hand in AO

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Hey I sent you a message directly on Roblox earlier so if you see this first then disregard that. I’m looking to trade FOR a Headless Head. I’ve got 2 Sunkens and 2 American Sunglasses if either of those will be sufficient enough.

Hey, thanks for the offer but even if those 2 sunkens were Strong Sunken Swords I wouldn’t take it. Do you mind telling me what the sunkens are and what enchant so I can make another offer for them, if you are interested? Also, roblox DM’s are not a way of contact for me, sorry.

Clean sword and clean chest piece. I’m really only interested in headless though; so I’ll probably msg you again once I get more sunken items.

How many sunkens would you trade one of your Headless for? For reference, I have 2 SS (clean and hard), 2 helmets (clean and keen), and 2 boots (bursting and clean)

I would trade a headless for 6 sets of clean sunken armour or 6 clean sunken swords.

That’s exactly the price I got mine at