Actual good gpo update?

i’m kinda suprised tbh, update 9 has a WHOLE lotta good QoL and general changes

(some highlights include potions actually being useful.

when you go back to another sea you go to where you had you spawn point there, instead of spawning on reverse mountain.

geppo cooldown got reworked: you now have 5 jumps that recharge after 5 seconds on the ground, MUCH better than before

added evasives where you can press Q to escape a combo (got like a 25 sec cooldown or smth)

YOU CAN NOW M1 MULTIPLE TARGETS, that actually such a huge change and makes fighting enemies so much better.

legendary fruit pity (yippie, every 100 fruits you get a leg fruit, while not the best pity atleast it’s something.

30% faster progression, is nice)

and then the best addition so far, impel down.

i actually think impel down is pretty fun, if i try to explain it i would say it’s kinda like a rogue-lite? you spawn with nothing and open chests to get fruits, weapons, yada yada. in general i find such games where you have to work with what you got pretty fun but this also gives you a chance to try out builds pretty easily.

but the best thing about impel down is when you finish it, you get points based on some factors and can then spend them in a shop, where you can FINALLY get dark roots, sp resets, and race rerolls. (without having to pay robux, trade, or do battle royale)

i do have to say that the update is actually pretty damn nice

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i am not the smartest man, i was just too used to always do game discussion lol

grand piece odyssey

yippie :3

Is gpo worth it to play rn? I liked 1v1s but never really liked the battle royal and the pve is kinda bad minus the later bosses, is it actually fun right now?

it’s eehhhhhhhh.

it’s a lot better than beforehand, as i said levelling was made 30% faster. with the impel down dungeon you can have some fun gameplay, and also finally actually get sp resets/devil fruit reset/race reset via pve grinding.

tbh rn only thing worth it is impel down lol. but i think you could def try that out atleast.

Ill try it out this afternoon, last time i grinded it wanting to get a mythic but the chances are so astronomically low i got burnt out, i hope the cool stuff this update isnt like that :face_holding_back_tears:

you can get mythical chests if you have enough points in impel down (tho it still is a BBIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGG grind, it at the very very least is a 100% chance of you getting it at some point) (or you can try your luck still with leg chests, cuz they can still give mythicals, or you just grind some stuff in there in general and then try trading for a mythical, impel down gave lots of options to get mythicals.)

Miss old GPO tbh never returning to GPO simply bored of it

Are the bosses good and fun to grind yet?

Less mythical grind??? I am DEFINITELY hopping on :pray:

Yeah I saw some stuff about it and it looks really good + has my favorite fruit so it seems like a W update.

In the end though it’s GPO so I’d rather go through scaphism than grind it again

some bosses were made better because you can now m1 multiple enemies, so the small minions aren’t that bad anymore, also the evasive def does help. but other than that not that much changed from them.

but i’m pretty sure you can get all items at impel down, so if you don’t like the boss you could do impel down, tho gotta get lucky that the item spawns there for you to buy.

yeah, tho grinding was def made better. 30% faster grinding (duh) and you can m1 multiple enemies so that makes many quests a whole lotta easier if you don’t got a fruit of fighting style with good AoE

Nah I reached the point where the only thing to grind for is items and fruits and I have a pretty good grinding fruit, it’s just that I’d rather not mentally degrade myself to get something I’ll essentially never use when I could play something else or do literally anything else.

Update is still an overall W compared to the slop being pumped out before

oh yeah, but imo the only fun thing to grind is fruits and items lol

levels are just there to exist

game actually only starts being a game when you get to second sea.

Agreed (I don’t think anyone enjoys leveling), but I basically never used them since ranked was yucky and publics were laggy (and yuckier) so I just got bored once my friends started playing less

GPO is actually still being updated? I thought it had died a year ago.

i actually kinda want a standalone thingy for the impel down idea.

cuz a roguelite one piece game would actually be kinda cool.