Adalet - The priest of Catlas

reworked stat page as well

Added the new ilustrations to the trello page and made a couple changes as well: Adalet - Aether light magic en Forgotten adventures | Trello

A couple clarifications regarding this different stat page template:

The old stat page sometimes was confused as magic stats page since it only showed a magic circle, so to fix this I’m gonna be doing another character splash-art for this section (will be more work but definetly worth it). The new template shows 6 stats now and includes an introductory phrase from the character:

  1. Power: this will give you a general idea of the overall capabilities of the character in combat, it also includes the Level to serve as further guide (the level is based on AA power scaling)

  2. Magic: determines how much of the character’s power is focused on magic capabilities, this only includes the overall potency, damage, size and strength of effects applied by it

  3. Strength: defines the same as magic but aimed towards physical capacities

  4. Defence: refers to both, vitality and blocking power. For example; the durability of barriers, shields or special defensive techniques

  5. Speed: I don’t need to explain it :fr: (agility, attack speed, running/flying speed)

  6. Mastery: tells how experienced is the character in combat and with their respective main weapon/tool (magic for example), mastery also determines how rare the character’s techniques can be

I will be taking a break from the comic cuz got a couple things to take care of (not participating in an art contest or anything), so hope you guys liked it and see you some other time :frhigh:


Nice art :+1: but not as nice as Alpha White Eyes
Im gonna check out your comic

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Pretty cool light mag- “new slaves”



14 year olds:

Also shadow, i am waiting for you to come back.

Kenda returns!

That light magic looks quite eye catching :0

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That magic circle design looks sick! I like your female Gilgamesh

Someday, someday (once I can actually play AO)

500! 500! 500!

Dam this looks good, I dont usually comment on art but dam.

Tyrant looking for new slaves

Typical light w :muscle:



I can see her as a plushy, looks petable.