Add a ๐Ÿ“  emoji

i really need to be able to express when something is facts


speaking of adding more emojis, thereโ€™s a whole nother line weโ€™re missing, i have 5 nominees that i would like to see in my honest opinion:

can we add this too:


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can we add this too:

alr i change :angry: to moai



thereโ€™s hope

personally, :moyai: should not be added as a reaction.

Oh man, remind me of this time where I had a dream where the forums add a new emoji. This was the new emoji.


And everyone was using that aggressively till a point it was banned or something idk. The dream only lasted a minute.

iโ€™m on board with this up until someone posts a woman on art

oh noโ€ฆ

We should just banish people to the art category. They can become artists if they want