Add a server age timer and an automatic shutdown feature after 24 hours uptime

Add a server age timer and an automatic shutdown feature after 24 hours uptime
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Monad tried “automatic shutdowns after X time” in deepwoken, and it didn’t turn out as planned. according to them, roblox just doesn’t support constant mass-shutdowns, and they had to remove the feature entirely.
" • Server lifespans will now be randomised so that everyone isn’t booted at the same time causing issues with finding servers not shutting down. Our apologies for this happening, we didn’t anticipate it."
“• Automatic shutdowns have been disabled. Roblox doesn’t really support it in big games, sadly. We’re sorry for all the trouble it’s caused whilst we were testing it.”
they’re back on roblox’s automatic server management/matchmaking, and you typically don’t see active servers over 2 days old, so i think it’s safe to say that does a good enough job.

i dont think server age is the main issue with AO’s fps, even if it could be a factor.


Please, I’m tired of “crashing” my ship because the server registers my input 10 seconds later.

i have a 1050 i should not be getting 10 fps in a roblox game :pray:

I’ll show vet this reply in a few days/weeks if the memory leak is still not found, just in case

Y e s Y e s Y e s

I swear my fps has been getting even less stable :frcryin:

very true because then people are gonna exploit on old servers to avoid getting banned

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I would lower it to 12 hours, but i know nothing about roblox other then it mostly sucks in everything so go ye.

Why system automatically bumping things

popular suggestion that was about to close

auto shutdown would be good for the game


absolutely necessary

how did i miss this suggestion

Fucking please.

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