Add a small bit of slowness gained from being hit

Basically, whenever you get hit or damaged in any way you lose a small bit of momentum, this would make it easier to chain several shots in and it would also fix running because you can now attack your opponent and both deal damage and slow them down so you’re able to catch up.

With how infamy works atm running is a big thing, where people just run until they are out of combat and leave.

EDIT: If you have ever played Apex Legends, this is a feature that exists there and it works wonders

How much it slow should depends on the speed/impact damage as well since light could not only blind but keep players in place.

bitch you already get a full stop when you cast a spell and you want hits to slow you down too :skull_and_crossbones:

can you stop with the fucking attitude, you dont get my point, this benefits the HUNTER, not the HUNTED.
now get the fuck out, dont reply, I dont want you to be here

ah yes that’s some nice benefit when the runner can place an explosion on the hunter and then go back to running :fr:

we already have enough immobilization as it is, don’t make it even harder for everyone to enjoy the game, not to mention mud magic already being supposed to slow you down

and apex legends had nothing to do with wom :fr:

then counter it dumbass

apex legends was an example retar

an example that has nothing to do with wom

ah yes counter something while your walkspeed is reduced

dodge, attack with daggers, attack with oathkeeper
people run when they are low so literally if they make an attack you can literally kill them or even get up to them because they’d be more slowed by the cast time

use your brain

i dont get what it is with you and always chasing after me no matter what i do, fuck off

seems kinda one sided to the person with the first hit though

its only a loss in momentum which can be regained quickly, it can also be countered with a T jump or a spelljump

What about no?
Combat is still too slow as it is, I’ve already commented about how the combat was slower than a dying snail before the update, don’t make it literal.

Runners are gonna run and there’s nothing you can do about it other than try to kill them while they get away from you, if this is added, they’ll just equip more stuff to give agility.

This seems like it would be a good passive for snow magic thematically, but that’s about it.

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