Add a way to Negotiate with Deckhands + Rework (no more rng)

Add a way to Negotiate with Deckhands + Rework (no more rng)
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Add a way to negotiate or threaten deckhands that have more fame requirement than your current fame.

Since the previous version of this was too RNG based, i reworked it; the system now would work with your renown vs their requirement. The remaining renown left from subtracting your renown with their requirement would determine the price.

The price can be in a scale, such as every 10k renown is +100 galleons, or every 5k renown is +10 galleons, i dont have knowledge to set the price scale up, but you get the gist.

So like, if i have 70k fame and the deckhand has a requirement of 100k fame, i would need to pay up 30k renown worth of galleons (100k - 70k=30k)
If the scale is 100 per 10k renown, it would cost 300 to recruit the deckhand.

If your renown is too low compared to the deckhand’s requirement (e.g 10k renown, trying to recruit a 100k renown deckhand) they would straight up refuse your offer. It can be set on a scale, maybe requiring you to e.g have atleast 50% the renown required for the deckhand.

Failing the Negotiate/Bribery, you could lose galleons for both negative and positive renowns. If it doesn’t make sense while being a hero, you would instead lose fame for “trying to bribe” the deckhand.

If you wonder it wouldn’t make sense while in a villain path, it would, since it’s money. Don’t think these goobers aren’t corrupt.

Now for the feature looks, it would be an extra tab named Negotiate (if you have positive renown) or Bribe (if you have negative renown). It would trigger different dialogue:

Positive Renown Success

“Huh, so you’re that captain, since you’re paying me like that, i’ll join you.”
“Oh, you’re a captain? Welp, by what you’ve paid, it’s worth joining you.”
“Oh. You’re a captain then? Sorry, you didn’t look like one. I’ll join you.”

  • dialogues in this theme.

Positive Renown Failure

“Huh? No, im not that cheap.”
“No, you don’t look like all of that.”
“You? A captain? You must be lying.”
“I’ll refuse your offer, you don’t look worth joining.”

  • dialogues next to this

Negative Renown Success

“Huh. Now you convinced me, im in.”
“You want me so bad like that? Well, i don’t see a reason not to.”
“Now we’re talking equally. Where’s the boat?”
“Good job. I’ll join you.”

Negative Renown Failure

“What was that? Go away before i beat you to a pulp.”
“Did you really try to buy me? Get lost!”
“Hilarious! Im not that cheap, loser.”
“I said no! Now go away, before i kill you!”


the more unique ways to acquire deckhands the better.

It’s still a bandaid on a badly designed system, but this bandaid is actually alright so I’ll vote for it. But I would still HEAVILY prefer a complete rework of the system, perhaps something like the feats system (idk how to link to another post srry). If Vetex refuses to budge on his shitty big number system then I guess this is fine.


based, but getting the gold will be a pain. I’d only like this change if farming cargo becomes less tedious somehow. An autoloader would be nice

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I don’t understand how u can fail the negotiation/bribery if u didnt even offer them any galleons, do you mean by “failing” they refuse ur offer bc of ur low fame?

I personally think what would make this suggestion better is giving the npcs moods like I explained in ur previous suggestion. U basically bid an amount of galleons in an attemp to bribe/negotiate with them, the amount of galleons needed works like how u explained it.

But this way ur bidding money and it makes it feel realistic rather than having a set amount determined by the game. But it also adds unpredictability.

To make this feel more realistic moods exist, basically if you bid a smaller amount of galleons than needed they will get upset with how cheap u think they are, so that increases the minimum amount of galleons needed bc u upset them.

This can happen a total of 2 times and in the third time if u fail to fulfill their required amount of galleons u fail the negotiation/bribery.

I think this addition is really needed bc it makes the game feel more alive, even if it does add a bit of rng it’s still realistic.

perfect, perfect addition.

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souNDS cool to me

Quite funny and cool. Just hate it when I am 1K fame from a damn COMMON deckhand…

also, i forgot to mention, the failed negotiate/bribe comes from you not having enough renown, which can be set by the devs.
Maybe 50% or 65% is a good value.

This makes deckhands obtainable even for lower-renown people, while still making renown a key factor in getting them, and doesn’t cheapen the prestige of high-grade deckhands by making them still a large investment.
Idk how easy it’d be to implement but that’s probably the best solution short of a complete rework so y’know

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