Add first person

Add first person
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Well it’s just that, I don’t know if there’s a reason why Vetex didn’t add this, or if they plan to add this, but I think it would be nice to be able to fight in the first person, I think that would make it better to fight with your fists, since you could know where exactly you are aiming and not hitting the air.
(This is something else but does anyone know if Vetex plans to add the Shiftlocker?)

Shift lock is planned.
I’d be up for first person, though only for screenshot purposes (and a button to hide your character client side would work just as well). I don’t think it’d be useful at all for combat.

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Magic circles would have to be hidden, but other than that I see no reason why this wouldn’t work.

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Idk it sounds almost unplayable for me. NoBanana has a point for screenshots tho, but to fight with?
At best it’s cool for exploration, sailing, stuff like that, but it definitely won’t help when fighting, especially when you have to be close and your opponent moves all around you because you view can’t cover a large radius around your character like before.

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I reckon it depends on the player and circumstances, like if I’m getting up close and personal to a guy I think it would be helpful to have a FPS view in that situation

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virtual reality AO when?


Remember that this is a game with high jumps, double jumps, hover, mainly projectile based (for now at least). People are extremely mobile. Having to look up and down alone makes this hard to use

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Yeah but i still stand on the part where it depends on the player, like for me I have plenty of aerial combat experience in FPS from games like TF2 (trolldier shit, if they still call it that)

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Wha- Why?

For combat its bad
For photos? Hell yeah

this game is almost entirely oriented towards requiring 3d perspective for shit
given we already have a picture mode I doubt this is necessary or worth adding

Oh yeah you’re right, well I think it could work if it was just for punching, although I think it would be difficult to implement. Well I suppose it would be more useful to take photos, later I will modify this suggestion xd


First of all, why do some of yall use first person in fighting games? Don’t you need to see if someone comes up behind you? I would like this for pictures but nothing else.

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The only time I do is like when I’m in a train in Wild West since the camera gets stuck by all the seats and walls, but AO doesn’t really have that stuff (and even then, why would you fight there)

Makes sense. In a train your either looking forward or backward and thats it.

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