Add Skill Notes to NPC shops

Add Skill Notes to NPC shops
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People think being able to purchase skill notes is a good idea.

This is the suggestion that the poll was for.

Armorer NPC’s should sell skill notes.

  • All common skill notes would be sold by Armorer NPC’s.

  • They should be very cheap (probably no more than 50 galleons) because the point is to be more convenient and easier than disarming a bunch of random old weapons.

  • This might get messy really quickly, so they should be sorted in an intuitive way.

  • I’ve heard ideas of making them rotate between a random set of skill notes, similar to Merchant deckhands. Not sure if this is a good idea since it will make them inconvenient, but I suppose it would work well for newbies or for high req. common skills (flying phoenix, sparrow thrust, the unfinished abilities).

The purpose of this is to make obtaining common skill notes as easy and convenient as possible. Disarming a bunch of old weapons is not hard at all but it’s a random time consuming task that leaves a bunch of ugly empty weapons in your inventory.

I think it’d be a bit lame of the suggestion was just adding common skill notes to Armorers. So here’s a little extra.

A new rare type of ship merchant can sell rare+ skill notes.

  • Some merchant ships will have an Armorer aboard instead of a generalist merchant (similar to how dyer ships exist).

  • These Armorers would sell rare weapon-related stuff at a high price with very low stock.

  • This (notable to the topic of the suggestion) includes rare+ skill notes like Crushing Judgement, Storm of Arrows, and Power Shot. Note that these are skills that are not weapon exclusive; I am not sure whether weapon-exclusive notes should be sold. (It would be very helpful if they were sold as it would stop people from being scammed by being traded a weapon without it’s signature ability, however this lore-wise might not make sense)

  • They could also sell rare weapons, though currently all rare weapons are either boss drops or lore-wise would not be sold (e.g. I’m pretty sure there’s canonically only one Vindicator)

  • Since the pool of items they sell is current very low, I think they should also sell weapon enchants (enchants that work on weapons incl. shields) and very rarely one of the three Dark Sea weapon enchants (ofc. for a higher price)

  • They should definitely have more than three shop slots, but not too many that you can see most of their pool of items

This idea would fit right in into a suggestion for improving ship merchants or adding a rare Travelling Merchant, but I’ll just leave it standalone in this one for funsies.

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Wouldn’t mind this tbh, my inventory is already cluttered with notes

Yeah I’d like this, its bad enough with just weapons and skill notes, but then when you need more skill notes it just gets worse cause the disarmed weapons don’t stack well after :sob:. So yeah this would really help.

On the topic of weapon exclusive notes, it’d be nice if their exclusive skills were unable to be removed, because i do have a few rare weapons with their exclusive skills missing and its a bit of a shame. Maybe that or a way to pay a high amount of galleons to get specifically the exclusive skills back on the weapons they go on?

Ptooth dagger:

an option to pay a blacksmith to put all the regular skills back onto a completely disarmed weapon would be nice

Forgor… :skull:

There’s a few other weapons that could be sold, like the Siren Bow, but I meant weapons with unique/rare skills.

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