Add the ability to follow a person

Don’t know if it’s possible, but a way to follow somebody. Basically, it notifies you every time a person posts. Maybe more advanced could be you follow a persons posts in a specific category, such as art, and get a notification every time they post in the art channel. This would be useful for stuff like comic posters, for example the AA comic by LittleShrekSheep.


That would be the follow plugin. The devforum uses it - it’s pretty useful:

We’d probably get even more bandwagoning than usual on vetex’s posts, but aside from that I can’t see any reason not to get it.

:sparkles:Twitter but for Arcane Odyssey:sparkles:

False. Nobody here has these tropes

  1. Says YASSSS QUEEEEN or ARMYYYYYY every 5 seconds
  2. Creates the most dumbest shit and obsessions as their sexuality
  3. Is a “map”
  4. Supports zoophilia
  5. Is addicted to incest
  6. Tries to actively cancel someone for something they did god knows how long now?
  7. Cannot shut up about being apart of the lgbtq community because they think that sexuality > personality