Add ways to mitigate fog

Add ways to mitigate fog
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Make lanterns equipped on players and ships extend the visibility range in foggy weather or at night. Ship lanterns affect all who are onboard; player lanterns affect only the player equipping it. Better lanterns let you see further.

Also, add lighthouses on major settlements. These would affect the entirety of a town, and they would be visible a good ways away, even outside of render distance (through screen UIs).

Fog is disruptive to navigation, and lanterns are currently useless (actually they have negative usefulness, since they extend aggro range at night).


Yeah I 100% agree, I also remember mentioning somethinf similar not long ago. Large cities and ports should have lots of lights to the point where players can make out distant light and go towards it. Lanterns are pretty useful on ships since they don’t extend far out and unless it’s a whole beam it wont ever be useful.

I dunno about you, but in a world where everything is on small islands and next to 100% of trade is done overseas, you’d really expect the lighthouse to be invented by now.

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wait wait wait he said lighthouses


quick question: if all of you people so vehemently agree with me, why aren’t you giving 5 stars? is it actually low effort, or low quality? or is it exactly what it needs to be.

5 reasonability is 5 stars for me, the other two are just me rating the way it was written.

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I tried giving 5 stars after i remembered but when I went to edit it, i got the stupid slow mode thing lol.

The way it was written was perfectly sufficient to convey the idea in question.

you’re not my english teacher. it’s elaborate enough: extra bulk would be dead weight.

fuck this shit im self rating.

There’s always room for improvement!

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reasonability is the only one that actually matters imo

100 Percent love the lighthouse Idea, to make it even better they could put a shipwright NPC at the top that is Neutral? not the best thing to do but
I would like it

why can’t we have flare guns for ships think of WW1 flare mortar shells for nighttime raids

Funny you suggest this, because I just made one for more visibility from Lights and Lookouts for your ships
Lookout NPCs and More Visibility for Ships - Suggestions

Lighthouses are a good idea as well, at least for Ravenna, Palo Town, Silverhold, and Frostmill

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