Adding rare, legendary, and exotic ship parts and how they would be obtained

Adding rare, legendary, and exotic ship parts. An example is Rumbling Caldera Cannon(The actual parts would fit with the lore but I’m using this as an example because we don’t know the lore yet). There would be two ways to obtain these parts. The first being by destroying roaming legendary rare or exotic pirate ships once destroyed there would be a chance to get a part like boss drops. The second method is from fishing you could only obtain parts from boats that have already sunk in the lore using fishing.Once you get a part you have to pay to have it repaired and fitted to your ship(you could also make repairing cost a certain amount of items such as wood or stone).

Edit:Since I forgot to clarify you can get common ship parts from common ships and fishing
Edit:I know that ship parts are planning to be added but the main point of this suggestion is how they will be obtained

So basically you destroy a ship and a certain part of it can be dropped and then you can use it?

yeah from roaming ships

Sounds nice.

I like it
I feel like the part drops from ships should be from all ships tho (not the legendary, rare, exotic parts tho)

this suggestion is about adding rare legendary and exotic ship parts normal ship parts are already gonna be added

I know that, I meant other ships should drop parts too

sorry i forgot to put that in because common ship parts were already gonna be added

this sounds really fun
take my vote yes yes :poggerfish:

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Thanks for the vote

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this sounds good
Me likey, take vote

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Thanks for the vote :poggers2:

Swag idea, left a vote :nod:

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I assume it’s already planned in the first place
I mean, if you look at the trello…




…we can see that boats will have equipable cannons, sails, figureheads and lanterns. Obviously, there will be one than more version of a part for each slot. Those are the first lantern, sail, figurehead and cannon after all, so an especially rare version of those is more or less expected.

Still, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to vote even if it’s most likely planned.

The main point of this suggestion was on how the parts would be obtained.

Mad Max, Boat Edition

oh no. the grind just so that you dont get fucked over while sailing. ah fuck it, voted.

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