Adina[OC] Reference Sheet

Against all wishes, I am not dead! Enjoy this little passion project <3


Who’s? :fr:

This is nice. Short fire wizard gal with thunder thighs, nice. She also just seems like a bundle of joy to be around. The pictures on the side add even more to that. She definitely takes on the more warming aspects of fire than the destructive ones, which is nice. I like it when an OC/character has a magic that isn’t too obvious or is the opposite. Like when you think of Light you think of stuff that’s, well, bright. Warm, comforting, holy, good, etc. But it could also just be the magic of someone who’s egotistical, someone who always wants to be in the spotlight. There’s not always one side to magic and it’s just nice seeing that fire is her magic with all that warmth she spreads.

also nice eyes

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this OC sounds informative! wish i can like cus im out of them for today!

have a countryhuman

ok thats crazy but why are you bringing this into a random roblox game’s fourms?

that’s their character for arcane odyssey

edit: nvm i misunderstood the context

that aside tho, I’m looking forward to seeing more of adina content!


Do you want more communism?

no i mean the big red communist black tear crying creature plastered on my screen


A perfect fishing rival for Aaron

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a fire user that isnt full red/ have main color as red


I’m out of likes ):

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You didnt have to call me out on that

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cringe is dead

a little late but i just realized she also has a fish theme apparently

man that’s some interesting combination of appearance and power

imagine someone with insert magic that is strong against water but weak against fire here just come and challenge her thinking they have the upper hand just to get screw over by a fireball lol

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