Admiral and the Greatly armored Atlantean brig Captain interaction


Bloody bastard

Although this picture is likely meant to be comical, to me, that thumbs up is quite haunting. It reminds me of the image of soldiers being absolutely enthusiastic about fighting on the battlefield of modern warfare. They’re happy that they are fighting to protect their kin or country. They make promise with each other or their girlfriend or family, promising that they would return home together and live happily.

However, once the battle truly begins, all hell breaks loose and all hopes are shattered. The soldiers quickly learn about the nastiness of modern warfare. Machine gun fire, the inability to know your enemy under suppression, the mental stress, howitzer or mortar explosion weight heavily on the soldiers’ psyche. Things only got worse when they learn their friends, or rather comrades ,whom they just bond with was killed faster than the human reflex could comprehend and they may be next, joining their comrades six feet below.

The soldiers quickly realize the horrors of modern warfare and that they are nothing more but numbers to be thrown at the enemy for the glory of the government or the generals. They may choose to stay, hoping that things would end for them or become war beast that [redacted] the enemy. They may returned home if they’re lucky but they are never the same people before the battle, just machine waiting for the next task.

I like how chiseled your Atlantean is. I think Atlantean used to be humans as well and seeing them becoming the monstrosity that they are is quite chilling.

I’m sorry for the long and dark comments. I got too excited.



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Have fun sinking in the ocean (I am not boarding your ship for 3 ds chests)

Would be funny if vetex adds demasting to the game, you’d be a sitting duck one all masts are gone

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Get this man the writers role

the context of the image is the admiral showing respect to the enemy atlantean even after he won, the atlantean is confused why hes being respectful.

silvy respects atlanteans heavily because he knows deep down they’re human and they likely still are, they are smart enough to lead a ship which needs communicating and logistics, and among other things.

and i absolutely love your whole paragraph because its a good explanation of war.

variant 2 is colorless

would literally buff chainshots heavily


super lit!!

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i s t h e r e a n y t h i n g y o u s a y o t h e r t h a n t h i s

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nice art(it’s 3am while I’m typing this).

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the average naval warfare specialist during the abyss sea:

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Your intepretation of Atlantean suddenly gave me dark ideas. The fact that the Atlantean shown in the picture is confused about a sign of respect is disturbing. As far as I know, the foremost thing that motivates human to act is to be respected by someone, whether it may be their families, friends or even strangers on the road. This is very much a basic human needs and it is the building block for self-intepretation and relationship.

Nevertheless, in the context of battle, respect is rare. Most of the time, we have to dehumanize the opponent, believing the opponent to be nothing less than trash or the devil that must be eliminated. This feeling amplifies one’s adrenaline and they are so willing to kill because they believe that this action is justified for the greater good. This may explain why during war, mass murder is widespread and whenever it happens, the participating sides always try to cover it up. They don’t want to be seen as the greater evil and they believe the killing is completely sensible. This present a uphill challenge for international criminal tribunal. The cover-up makes gathering evidence hard and whatever could be gathered is either very watered down or inaccurate due to extreme emotions. Extreme emotions is also the reason why force is an aspect that can never be regulated. These elements completely suppress logical thinking, everyone just acts at the immediate moment without thinking about later consequences.

Getting back on topic, the mere gesture of the Atlantean being confounded at a sign of respect is worrying for me. It is almost as if his humanity has been eroded to the point of near-extinction by the Dark Sea. How could such a primal and basic aspect of humanity be strange to him? Perhaps everything that led to the battle against Silvy was just acts of survival. Wandering aimlessly in the Dark Sea because he can’t escape the grim reality of being stuck in a grosteque body, unable to do anything about it. From where I stand, such torturing reality could only be the work of someone or something that act in the shadow like a deep state. The Atlantean may ask himself “LOOK AT WHAT YOU HAVE DONE TO ME! WHAT DID I DO TO BE SUBJECTED TO THIS HELL? HOW LONG HAVE I BEEN ALIVE IN THIS SHAMEFUL OF A BODY?”. Being defeated by Silvy is possibly an act of relief for the Atlantean for he no longer has to live with his shameful body and suffer in the Dark Sea.


read this outloud, HES FUCKING COOKING

Silvy: Atlanteans are technically people, we shouldn’t hurt them and instead respect them for their intellegence

Phrixus: Knife goes in, guts come out

Respect does not mean not killing.

Silvy has killed dozens to test his and their strength, Atlanteans being primitive likely means their code of honor is death, killing them is the respectful way for them.

Silvy treats them as he would an enemy, a person worthy of respect and an honourable death.

Also like i literally could not just fight 3 monstrous nightmares at once so i just pretended to do a thumbs up :sob:

I can’t even fight one :skull:

What about a mutated atlantean, surely you can fight something as easy as that?