Adventure Story Halloween (1/5)

fun fact: I have scoleciphobia


Glad I’m not scared of worms. They are creepy though. Also epic art.

I though that was a party hat and he was blowing those things

Although I’m fairly sure I don’t actually have scoleciphobia, there was one time as a kid that I got a huge hole between my big toe and my index toe(?) that I was convinced was caused by a worm.
I thought that the worm had somehow eaten its way inside my skin and abandoned its new home half way. The hole felt nice when I blew on it, but it was itchy and hurt a little so…

“felt nice when I blew on it”
That a sentence I never heard or use before

wait, so we finally having adventure story art?
thats poggers.
artists, ya better make mapleburg fanart.

Reminder that #art is only for WoM-related pieces. Post in #off-topic otherwise.

Legit not my rule

@liu AS art has been posted in the #art category in the past, but it has not been stated if it was allowed. Even though this is a forum for World of Magic, it is allowed in here since it is one of Vetex’s games thus it still counts as fan art. I will add that into art rules.

Sorry that this wasn’t clear. Moved this back.

see, @liu?
it IS fine to put it here.

also, since you said that it is allowed since its one of vetex’s games, does that mean its allowed to make art of any other vetex game, like that one piece game?

Chill, dude. I was just following rules.

So that mean I can continue posting my other AS halloween fan art?