Advice needed

If there is somebody who is programmer, please answer me.
Okay there’s the problem:
I want to start studying programming, and after some time monetize my projects. I already used Scratch and I am not going to try monetize it.
So I have two ideas - I either learn HTML (my school will teach me it in 8th grade so I think it is inevitable), either learn python and make some apps.
If someone knows something, suggest me please some IDEs and free courses which can teach me how to make maybe simple but a REAL app on python. (Or maybe share your experience)
(Btw I want to learn python because making apps and website backend)

eh pythons decent, haven’t done it a while, and learned it from a paid course tho

HTML is pretty much only used for websites and its skills can’t really be used past that. Python is used for way more things and its skills can be applied to many other programming languages. I’d go with Python.

The best way to learn Python in my opinion is to learn by doing. You can maybe use a YouTube tutorial to get the basic syntax but then just start making projects. Start small. Whenever there is something you don’t know how to do, google it. Once you get functions, loops, and iterables down, you’ll have the skills to make most small text-based games. A fun project for beginners is to try to make a text-based tic tac toe board where the player plays against a CPU.


Yeh I hope I will find also a good IDE.
Thank you for advice :wink: