I just kind of felt like making a thread about two certain aesthetics that always stuck with me. You can write/make your own and put them here.

(I don’t have names for either so I’ll just list attributes)

  1. You know that kind of grimy feeling from certain photos/things? Like kind of gritty and kind of dirty. The best thing I got for a similarity would be most photos from 4chan (they tend to have that feeling), or an dorm room in the late afternoon. These photos tend to be comically compressed, have generally cool color schemes, and shitty lighting that looks like a flashlight. One example I got would be from a discord, it has all the requirements (pic below).

  2. Warm I guess? Have you ever been in the noon as warm sun shined upon you? Something that look straight out of an anime outro (bright light, just kind of chilling around). I don’t have words to describe it, but it’s cozy.

i love lighting like this in anime, shit makes me feel like I actually have someone that loves me (jk)

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i tried digging through aesthetic wikia to see if there’s anything that looks similar to what you described

  1. not sure, to be honest. I’m not sure if idk the keywords or I’m just too afraid of what i might encounter in some pages (a few pages in that wikia rubbed me off in a wrong way, so yeah)
  2. warmcore? i typed out warm in the wikia and this popped up + looks similar to what you described

The closes thing I can think of is brutalist, but that doesn’t really work with the idea. Also warmcore has a similar feeling but not what I’m thinking. Best example I got is probably golden lighting from an anime.

hmm… warm lighting? the “sunlight through window” kinda lighting?

Pretty damn close

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