Agility Demons Are Eating Good Bro

Shit goes really high and don’t even let me start on teleport reflexes cuz they go hella far too :sob:

Feels like they gained a ton of momentum ever since this change icl

do you know the formula for how much agility you need to have instant high jumps

Iirc it’s player level x 1.5

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Unrelated note but it feels like vetex secretly buffed spirit blast size? It now explodes if you’re on the ground unlike before…

maybe you got a random +8 size
or the asize rework kicked in

Oh right, size got a new formula

It got a +20% size buff.

Damn, so it really did secretly get buffed cuz I cant see that in the trello

It was listed on the balance doc but vetex probably forgot to put it on the trello.

i wanna go for an agility and attack size build now thank you :sob:

Waiting for the day when agility gets nerfed so mosquitoes disappear forever

Gonna mald hard because that means I can no longer grind sameria chests efficiently :frpensive:

sad :frpensive:

Lvl * 1.6

140 * 1.6 = 224

Though you’ll need 225+ to get TP T-Jump, but can have TP Reflex at 224 Agility.

Most likely unintended, and i’ve just slapped a Morenci on one of my items to account for it.

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i would say bro is going to dodge all the bullets but i think ballistic missiles sounds more fitting :skull:

also can u show me ur build since ive wanted to become an agility demon for ages

The wiki also has the max agility build

The maximum is 459 after the nerfs, the wiki hasn’t updated. Also you can use the new large cape too.

i forgot to ask then but how did u balance in power or was it just agility

it’s Player Level x1,6