AGILITY MODIFIER for Treasure Charts

AGILITY MODIFIER for Treasure Charts
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Modifier exclusive to blasted rock and windrow island(similarly to arkursius keep) that is a 50% chance to be applied to items. It give agility as it's bonus stat, tied to the tornado in the middle of the island.

I think instead of the modifier being named gusty it should be named “Jetstreamed”. Also, I feel like the modifier should be exclusive to windrow island instead. Cool suggestion nevertheless.

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I honestly attributed Agility Treasure Modifiers to be related to Sky Islands tbh.


windrow as well makes sense

Honestly treasure charts in sky islands would be sick unless you’re actually trying to farm modifiers and yea I can see agility modified equipment being dug up in sky islands

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Hold on I am tweaking or did you just add windrow island to the list?

Why was this not a thing to begin with?
What about hybrid modifiers like drowned and superheated? Should there be one for agility?

agility is a drug and i need more of it

we’ll definitely get sky island charts in the future, a cloudy modifier would be agility.

Yeah it makes no sense that we don’t got these.

I had this idea a while ago and included it in my sky island treasure charts idea.
Jetstreamed is the perfect name for it.

rename to windswept but okay-

I don’t really see what would make Blasted Rock or Windrow Island the ones that’d give said modifier, I think that it would be better for sky island treassure charts with a modifier named something like “Cloudy” or something of the sorts

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