Agility question and boxing shenanigans idea

Although agility is a logarithmic stat, is it still good to have a lot of it?

and if I combined that with boxing, how fast could I get with speed focus as well?

(as you can see I’m trying to use boxing again hehehehaw, with a special twist this time)

also, does anyone have a list of all magic stats as of now?

speed focus doesn’t affect movement speed, very sad I guess we just have to wait for that supposed agility option for focus

having a lot is still a noticeable difference but the 0-50 change is a bit more noticable than 200-244.

are you trying to make a savant that is basically just the flash?

So like this?

good agil to use is 60-80 if you want to go fast

logarithmic? Is the equation out?

thermo fist is faster than boxing

depends. actually. :pinching_hand::nerd_face:

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