AGORA NEWS: General Julian dive bombs yet another Ravenna terrorist

its the block button… yk… the one that let u reduce like 80% of incomming dmg ?

Yeah, talked about it on discord, but I’ll say it again…

I never knew there was a block function in the game. I was so used to block being the F key that when I tried it and nothing happened, I just assumed there wasn’t a way to block.

verre-y nice artwork

you are like, the 3rd person i know to say this :sob:

I mean, every other roblox game has the block key binded to F so it’s a fair assumption.

AO/WoM is the only game i play with a functional fighting gameplay so ig it wasnt really affected by it

well i did play Ro Ghoul for sometimes… forgot all of the control tho

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Ngl, Carina does so much damage it heals me.
Anyways, onto the art itself…
The MC if Julian just left us there to achieve arcane apotheosis or our memories from the verge of death:

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Takeshi did not win

“man if only i hadnt beat that woman beforehand”

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i was sobbing when he died i love argos … :sob: the coolest boss in the game so far

“In the name of our one true king, I, Julian, shall finish what the others have started!”
Berserker players after entering arcane apotheosis and activating their focus:


obligatory coloring post


Okay Obama. I see you.
I think it’s a great attempt :+1: