Ah yes gank pain

yknow when someone hits a person then you kill them. But they somehow got the kill? This happened with a bandit npc :nod:

basically helios guy tried to gank me. I got him to red, a npc hit him with an arrow. I killed the helios man. Npc got the kill :frcryin:


f in chat

thats what you get for denying my affiliation request

Lol next time make king david come in with the assist

After you hit someone, if anything else hits that person and you don’t hit that person once again 5 seconds later then you lose the kill credit. I assume you hit Adi and a few seconds past then the bandit hit him and you finished him after the 5 seconds from ur original shot hit. Might be confusing

Yeah its annoying as hell. I wanted that 1 infamy :frcryin:

Wouldn’t you get 3 cuz they on lb?

toxic box

pls speak english ye thx noob



ur mom

Also put English translations in. It’s not allowed to use other languages. ;)

Spearbreak getting cheek-clapped on Saturday ezzzzz (pls do not murder me, I am in spear too owo)

no because we are both average guilds