AI speech

is it just me or are all the ai so ignorant and very self fulfilled xD

We should go back to the first open test’s npcs where they were all racist and throwing stereotypical hate speech at every other culture and/or last name of their own culture


lol omg did they actually do that?

I didn’t play the open test, but I have no doubt they did that.

I mean it was more like “boy I can’t imagine myself living in the jungle, why do canopians live there”, “damn caldings are so poor why don’t they work harder” and “salores are just spoiled brats”, stuff like that

I can confirm. They were very racist. Everyone was complaining about how the Salores are rich and the Caldings were poor. How everyone hated the people that don’t even exist yet. Luckily, we killed them all off.

POV: You’re Vetex in TGR deleting Magius

Kill Combo: 20,000


one of these is not like the others
salore hate is the only valid hate

If every update kills all the NPC’s and combine that with the ones vetex killed himself for lvling purposes, I’d say about 20,000 deaths

Comedy Gold Patch Notes:

Updated the number to 20,000

ah yes when they’re throwing

boutta necrobump this topic in a few weeks
get the first year-long necrobump

plan foiled, rip.

Well u gotta wait an extra 21 hours sorry

Lmao the only thing i can remember from the 1st open test was litetally every buildings was fck
( and i didnt know i can talk to NPC beside quest back then )

wom has conservatives, very accurate

Wait what? Jesus christ I wanna see that.

the dialouge is still there wdym like just go on to summer hold.

dam you just got political

It’s still there but like… That’s literally the only thing npcs could say before.
Also I stopped randomly talking to them a while ago