Aibolit is gonna be our next god, our lord and savior!11!1!1!

Aibolit vs. Tigerbaby when?1//!?1/


Your mom + ratio + mald harder + 21 = 6/9/2069

we can make this happen



What if I said no

So you have chosen… death.

No, please

Whos tigerbaby anyways?


Excuse me?!? Who’s tigerbaby?!? tigerbaby123414 the ultimate king, the savior of universes, the conquistador of galaxies, the ruler of planets, the owner of moons, the sovereign of existence itself? That tigerbaby?

tigerbaby will be our god forever, no one like Aibolit will surpass him you weak minded fool!

i miss wax

aibolite is tigerbaby; he’s the jesus of arcane odyssey

HUH. A lot of time has passed but I saw it.

Oh no I just necrobumped it

bro… :neutral_face:

he bumped as a sign that he acknowledges that we worship him. we should be grateful

he will summon the ancients soon