Aisha - Stay alive


One of the strongest desires, the reason why many fight, the will to survival. Living is a complicated thing in a land of constant war, an endless break of many generations, parents, sons, friends lost in the flames of the non-stopping conflict.

Just as many in Faldum, one more abandoned child, a brave self sacrifice to protect their daughter, more than your own desire to fight for their nation, they died hoping for a future for her. As she grew, helplessly watching as warriors like her parents went to the front line to never comeback, leaving behind nothing but an incomplete memory, until one day, she found someone who could change the destiny of many.

Drako, one of the few that went to the front line and came back victorious, an unstoppable soldier with an undying will for fighting but most importantly, her soul brother. As time went through, many battles to keep their land stole thousands of lives, something that awaken an incredible anger in Drako’s mind. Determined to put an end to this war, one final fight to decide once and for all the destiny of the Faldum land was taking place, but as the memories of loneliness invaded Aisha’s head, she took her parents collars and gave one to her brother, hoping they would keep him safe from this desperate task.

Once more, she was a helpless flower in the desert, praying for her only family to come back. Weeks passed by while her most terrible fear slowly harvest itself with her hopes, no signs or news, just an empty silence. Aisha was not willing to lose his familiar once again, the little girl started desperately looking for Drako until one day, a figure is seen in the distance of the burned battlefield.

Her tears, constantly dropping in front of the person she cared the most, Drako’s last breathes were fading away, just like wandering ashes in a dead land. On her last tears and screams of suffering, a small and naive creature showed in front of her, a small butterfly calmly hovering, the mark of vitality and the awakening of her true potential…

“Aisha - the sign of life”



Although life magic is mainly used as a supporting resource, Aisha can use her healing mid combat as she attacks, which provides her with insane sustain in fights, making her suitable for extended and large combats.


Her magic applications are mostly defensive, meaning that she will be in trouble against opponents that can deal damage faster than she can heal it.

Curious facts

She has the weird behavior of liking cakes way too much, specially the chocolate one, so she tends to skip the main dish and go straight for the dessert.

Sometimes she likes to eat cake eventually once in a week, and since her brother is the one in charge of cooking most of the times, she tends to bother him so he makes more when she wants to have her favorite food.

She might get quite angry if Drako refuses, recurring to different strategies to “persuade” him to make more chocolate cake.

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