Akursius chart method rant

it was fine when they pushed the requirement for charts to level 80 but what the fuck is this dawg ?

wasted an entire day getting a slot to level 80 through unholy means only to get told to fuck off in the end :sleeper:

update : shit got way worse

Being level 80 makes you able to get any area’s chart.

some dude in #questions on discord told me that charts went 0% drop rate if u had only akursius unlocked. said that i need level 80 to start getting them again. didn’t know he meant that for ALL islands and wasted my time chasing a method that has been long patched :frcryin:

(which seems to be a vandetta against akursius alone since if u only have sameria unlocked in nimbus charts aren’t an issue for any level)

wait you only get charts in places you have unlocked?

back then that used to be the case till he patched it for akursius specifically :sleeper:

hm… man I wish you could just select the island when you get a treasure chart but that’s not happening…

at lvl 20, you get charts only for islands you discover, at lvl 80 it unlocks all islands for charts even if you have not explored them

Which also used to be the case for akursius keep. before he made it so if its the only island u have u WONT get charts till u reach level 80