Akursius keep question

Is there something new at AK?

I’ve gone there to do a treasure chart but I’ve found something strange.

A blue quest marker pointed toward the water and when I got to the point, it moved to a different location and red text appeared on the screen.

Never seen it before.

Anyone know something about it?

The new marker disappeared after a while.

Some parts of AK have been engulfed by purple flames.

probably insanity

its insanity buddy

Ok, problem solved.

My bad, never had insanity 3 before

I still have random quest markers tho

That is part of insanity also.

Yeah they don’t go away til you leave the server even after insanity wears off, very annoying.

I see I see ty

I think you are going crazy bud.

ye I think you are going insane :wink:

Keep following them, that’s how you get to Mimhere Island