Alfie's About me to AO

WoIfWhisper- Aka: Alfie
Plasma Conjurer - Explosion Mage- Acid Cannonfist - Shadow warlord
All Lvl 125
I focus on trying to find the most random but powerfull builds by exploring different styles.

My main file is The Plasma Conjurer Where I make builds that focus all onto one or two stats. I do the same to my boats. I have a 26k hp brig loadout and I can change it to a 137 Speed brig as well. I enjoy doing the things that the community isn’t focusing on.

Welcome! I’m curious what you’re using for a 137 speed brig?

prob smh like Archaic Sailcloth, Brisk Reinforced Wodden Hull and Brisk Light Ram

Warship Archaic Sailcloth, Brisk reinforced wooden Hull, No cannons, and 3 speed deckhands.

The armor Build is- Warship Archaic Hull, Armored Archaic Sailcloth, Armored Hammerhead Ram, Edward Kenton- exiled, Enizor- visionary,and Ravenna Crew

My apologies for failing to use the forums correctly. I had intended to respond to your question but I had not actively set my message to show as a response to your question.

Ah it’s all good, I was able to see it regardless :D!