All 6 seas mapped out

azura province in the aegean sea and also mount olympus there to

That isnt confirmed. The fact that its name is Aegean Sea, nor Azure Sea, and its also a placeholder name rn makes me think the Azura isnt gonna be there. Azura seems very important that it might be left for last rather than something like the 4th Sea.

We dont know if Mt Olympus will be there either, it could be anywhere.

would u consider the wiki saying east of the bronze sea a beginner mistake? Should the wiki not have said, south east of the bronze sea? If East isnt on the item set but its on the wiki. Wiki’s fault :ok_hand:

The wiki will always have mistakes
But it’s still south of the bronze sea, as an NPC tells you in-game that all of the War Seas are to the south of the Bronze Sea

Vimir sea is at Southwest of Nimbus sea near Mistral port(the location where you will head next after you talked to Empress Nliah

Bringing this up again for this other map I made (I drew this randomly lol)

Of course, this is just a rough picture, and the actual size of each sea may vary, but based off of the discussion here, this might be their locations and progression. (Similar to Randomness’ despiction, Vimir might be the largest sea, since Vimir is derived from “Vimur”, the largest of all rivers in Norse Mythos, and that Wotan is a conqueror, so he might have a lot of plac3s under his control)

Since Ryujin is mentioned to be in the Southern War Seas, it might actually be located in the later half of the War Seas, either Marauding Sea, Aegean(?) Sea or the final 6th sea.

I’m hoping we get more rifts, as the Pelion rift feels kinda pointless and out of place

Surely there will be more. They played a big part in dividing seas in AA/AR, and we can find random ones in the Dark Sea.

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It’s necessary for there to be a giant stone wall according to vetex