All forum tricks

This will be a compilation of all of the forum tricks that I know. If I missed any, reply with additions.

< s >strikethrough< /s > (remove spaces)

< big >bigtext< /big >

< small > smalltext < /small >

< small >< small >smallertext< /small >< /small >

Horizontal line:

3 dashes (—)

Empty comment:
< blankcomment >

Quoting yourself

Falsely Quoting Someone

-[quote=“Vetex, post:0, topic:0”]
-Hello :)

:ink_magic_var2: : magic emojis :paper_magic_var2:
:ink_magic_var3: magic emojis :paper_magic_var2:

Falsely @ ing someone.
< b >< a >@< a >Vetex< /a >< /b >

Rickrolling someone

rickroll goes here

4 spaces to indent. This gets rid of any effects. <big>example</b>.
I could have been using this the whole time instead of spaces :(
hand grabbing a comment meme

@ultra did I do the fake ping right? @Ultra

Yep. Just make sure you get the capitalization right. It should be @Ultra

dang, I thought you’d fall for it

Truly terrifying when the masses learn how to use markdown

whats this do lol
<mark> whats this do lol

<mark> swag
doesn’t work :(((