All guilds with red in their logo or sus

what if amogus imposter married you and cheated on you and you became the imposter

fuck you


true lmao

wats da spearbreak tactic

amogus sus

well what did you expect from Drama, especially guild drama

Pretty sure acquire did it first.

real Beef like actual arguements and clowning each other actual insults between 2 sides

i dont see anything special about that

if you want something done, you have to do it yourself.

just ignite some juicy drama. not gonna do it myself because i’m not interested in guilds aping over dumbass shit, but if you are then do it lol. someone has to, after all.

if you’re going to do that though, just don’t get caught if you actually care about this forum.
do it discreetly or something, however the hell one would even do that in the first place.

(obligatory “don’t try this at home” disclaimer before they actually get my ass for writing this).

just go to vetex and post helios propaganda

Post anything about Suncry on Vetex’s Server and everybody will target you.



why is this in new

oh no let’s pretend this never happened shall we