All I feel is pain and envy


Simply, you are a less respected member of the community. People care less about you, some, like me, hate you. Just accept that. It won’t change. I’m sorry bro, but it’s the truth. Maybe you should stop being a toxic bitch and earn some respect.

nah fuck that


They hated Zephyr because he told them the truth.

I’m watching :sleeper:

If this escalates i’ll use my macobre powers


Hey guys can I join in the fight

You did compare a trending meme to a random topic with an extremely confusing name

Waping’s got a good point.
make sure you do something stupid to get viral.

like starting a revolution by getting a date, but what would i know about that

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I dont know what’s going on


neither do i
someone called me a slut, thats all i know

It’s funny how much the really crappy people get away with. It is honestly a heinous act under the view of the law. The real innocents get all the blame, and I honestly can’t stand that in society. I am proud to voice up my opinion against the injustice there is on the forum. Regulars get away with soooo much, yet here comes the crummy cult flagging again. At this point, I might just even retire from this forum. If there is gonna be so much injustice and little rebound on this forum, might as well leave it all behind and become forgotten within the populous.

i cant tell if this is meant to be a joke anymore and my entire mein is a fucking joke.

you alright man?

We need you and your based takes, don’t leave.



we live in a society :nod:

you’re scaring me here Zephyr
Where is the happy-go mc captain wife guy