All Major Changes Since Open Test 3

In this post, every major change from Open Test 3 to Open Test 4 is listed. There are many more changes, additions, and bug fixes besides the ones listed here, which can be viewed in more detail on World of Magic’s Trello Board under the Patch Notes list:

  • Changed the max level from 30 to 40.
  • Changed the minimum PvP level from 15 to 20.
  • You can no longer get the tutorial if you’re over Level 1. This was a huge issue during the previous open test, as lots of people were getting the tutorial despite already completing it once.
  • Made dialog text appear faster by default, and even faster when holding down click
  • The hills around Ironport no longer give fines when damaged.
  • Reputation now adds jail time at a rate of -27 reputation = +1 second of jail time.
  • Minimum jail time is now 30 seconds instead of 1 minute.
  • Magic Council Fines and Criminal Notices now display as a separate counter on the inbox to make them more noticeable.
  • You now get a reminder notification when your fine has 1 minute left to be paid, and when your Criminal Notice has 30 seconds until it expires.
  • Parts of buildings are now a bit more difficult to destroy.
  • Added NPC Shops to both Ironport and Riverville. Each shop type has its own possible item types, and a limited stock of each. All items from these shops will restock once every in-game day (20 minutes), and raise the Shop Balance when bought, allowing players to sell more items there.
  • You can now sell items by talking to any NPC that has a shop. You can only get Crowns from this as long as the shop NPC has “Shop Balance” which raises every in-game day, or when players buy items from that NPC. Sold items can sometimes be “resold” by a random NPC around the world.
  • Added Smith Shops that sell items relevant to the culture of the town they’re in, and also leather armor. Currently, the only culture in the game is Vistarian - both Ironport and Riverville are Vistarian towns - and smiths can be found in both of these towns. Currently, the available Vistarian items are: Vistarian Bracelet, Merchant’s Coat, Merchant’s Pants, Vistarian Crossbow, and Vistarian Dagger.
  • Added the first magic-less weapons. These can be found in chests or bought from stores, and equipped in your inventory. Some weapons have Special Abilities that unlock when they’re upgraded to a certain level. All of these weapons have different stats, and can be found enchanted as well.
  • Equipped weapons can be used as an alternative for blocking, depending on how much Blocking Power they have. The best Blocking Power weapon you have equipped will always automatically be used instead of your arms.
  • Bladed weapons have Neutral and Heavy attacks, which are both used by clicking with the weapon selecting. Heavy attacks will create an “opening”, which is a very short stun. Bladed weapons can also “clash” with each other if 2 people are slashing them at once, and each Bladed weapon has its own base Clashing Power, as well as being affected by the user’s level.
  • Shields are a type of weapon that has very high Blocking Power, but has a limited Durability. When a shield breaks, it will automatically reappear in 5 minutes.
  • Ranged weapons have their own set ammo pools, and ammo is a separate type of item that you can usually find in chests. Currently, the only ammo types are Arrow and Smoke Arrow, and both of these can be used with the Branch Bow (from chests) and Vistarian Crossbow (from Smith NPCs). When a Ranged weapon is selected, you are given an ammo selection UI in the bottom center of your screen.
  • Added Tailor Shops which sell random common accessories.
  • You can now change your character’s appearance after creating it by talking to a Tailor NPC and selecting “[Change]”. Changing your appearance costs Crowns depending on how many options you change.
  • Added Metalworker Shops which allow you to upgrade item levels by increments of 10, in exchange for Crowns. Upgrading an item will increase all stats it gives, including stats given from enchantments. Upgrading weapons will reduce their stamina cost and increase their damage.
  • You can now trade items with other players by accessing the Trade Request option on the Menu, or by clicking their name on the player list. Doing this shows both your inventory and theirs, and allows you to add up to 8 unique items from either side, as well as add or request Crowns. Trades have a value based on the difference between the total value of the items being sent, and the items being requested. You can’t send a Trade Request if the Trade Quality is below “Fair”.
  • Reduced the amount of XP given by defeating hostile NPCs, so that farming to level up in the Silent Tower is less viable.
  • Changed the max amount of Crowns players can carry from 200 to 400.
  • You now lose 15% of your Crowns on death, up to a maximum of 60. This is to add more punishment for dying.
  • Added the Whispering Forest wilderness area. This is a huge expanse of giant trees surrounding the Silent Tower, and is complete with multiple ruins, Mount Seawatch, waterfalls, ancient statues, and more. (Note: the river going through this area is currently not built, meaning it is simply the ocean right now, so there is no way to get back up when you fall into it. This will be fixed when the river is fully built)
  • You now get arrested when you die in any way if soldiers are spawned on you, including the 30 second interval before they spawn on you.
  • Opening Private Storage chests as a bad rep player now increases your Bounty. The amount of Bounty given is based on the total value of all things obtained from the chest.
  • NPCs will now attack regardless of if their vision is obscured if they haven’t been able to get within sight of their target for 5 attempts. This fixes a rare issue where you could hide inside of a walled structure and NPCs couldn’t get to you no matter what, since they wouldn’t attack withoung line-of-sight.
  • Made night time darker in outdoor areas, and added the first Tool item called the Torch, which can randomly be found in chests. While holding the Torch, you will be able to see in dark areas more easily.
  • Added Bandits that spawn from quests. These NPCs cannot use magic, but they always have weapons, and they normally wear bandanas and leather armor.
  • Added Bounty Hunters that spawn from quests. These are essentially the good rep equivalent of bandits, and will not attack good rep players. They can’t use magic, and have a slightly different appearance to bandits.
  • Added E-Class quest types that involve defeating 3 wizards, dark wizards, bandits, or bounty hunters.
  • Magic Council Guards and Commissioners can now spawn with quests.
  • Quests involving combat are now slightly rarer to spawn, as there are way more combat quest types than fetch quest types.
  • Added Corduroy Hats, Scarves, a Poor Power Amulet, Hunting Armor, and Hunting Boots, all of which can be found in chests. (Corduroy Hats and Scarves can be purchased at Tailor Shops)
  • Added Paper Magic, a fast magic that loses a lot of clashes, but gives the bleed status effect and deals a decent amount of damage.
  • Added the Coward Animation Pack, a game pass that costs 400 Robux.
  • Pillar Explosion spells now deal more damage.
  • Combat logging as a bad rep now takes Crowns.
  • Combat logging fines for neutral/good rep players are now 20 by default, but 15% of your current Crowns are also added onto the fine.
  • Replaced all bush models with one that is less “tropical” looking.
  • Heavy optimizations related to NPCs. All NPCs are now unloaded by default unless they are within 1,000 studs of your camera, and their AI is not processed if they aren’t within range either. This significantly reduces the strain on client-side rendering. (Improves FPS)
  • Working NPCs now spawn at their workstation on server startup.
  • Added a Surrender button that appears in the bottom center of your screen when: Entering an area that’s under threat as a bad rep, entering a jail area as a bad rep, and when soldiers spawn on you. This button can only appear if you have a bounty, or if your reputation is lower than -300.
  • Your bounty now increases by 50% every 5 minutes while being pursued by the Magic Council. This is so that players can’t just infinitely run from low-tier Magic Council soldiers and have no punishment increase.
  • Added Magius News, a newspaper sent to every player in the server once every in-game day at 8 AM (every 20 minutes in real life). This newspaper describes meaningful events happening all over the world in your server, such as an area being under threat, dark wizard reports lowering in an area, and more. These events are all triggered by player actions, meaning it is possible to get your name in the news. Magius News will always stay in your inbox, but won’t have a [1] on the inbox button if you’ve already read it once.
  • Increased the amount of Defense given by the Hard enchantment by 50%.
  • Added a new E-Class Quest involving defeating 5 bandits, which spawn in a small camp somewhere nearby the quest giver. These camps have chests in them, and are considered their own “place” within a region. After all bandits in these camps are defeated or despawn, the camp structure will despawn as soon as no players are in range of it, or if it has been there for more than 5 minutes.
  • NPCs that have Mode spells (currently only Magic Council Captains) will no longer use them at all. When using a Mode spell, it left the NPCs open for way too long, allowing low level players to easily kill them. Unsure when NPCs like this will be able to use Mode spells again, as there really isn’t a good timing in their battle AI for them to activate a Mode without being punished.

I genuinely feel like the weapons are a bit too overpowered (especially the vistarian dagger) at their current level, but overall, this update is great!

I don’t believe they need much of changing. I’ve fought people who are really good with magic and you can easily defeat someone with weapons. The more you play and get better stuff, the more you will see the bigger picture.

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Exactly, it’s very easy to stay at long range to avoid melee weapons, and ranged weapons are not hard to dodge either. They’re meant to be high damaging so that they’re punishing if you let yourself get hit by them.


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