All titles in AO (Except for Renown and Donator ones) (Kinda)

Waw!!! So impressive!! (No one cares but I’ll share anyways)
This took a little over 130 hours, and Master Angler bugged out, as I didn’t have all fish variation. Soooo technically 3 titles but I’ll take the free master angler too.

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Now get Top Donator.


Cool now get Bronze Sea Explorer grahahahahha!!!

Maybe show us how they look on your ingame character too?

Would be cool to see them all with a SC of yourself on the player LB. Nice work though.


Master Angler is the only one that changes your name color in the leaderboard, the others only display their colors in the title.

Do you have any information of what fishing location for like #1 - #56 fishes

when you mouse over a fish it will tell you exactly where to look for them.
There’s three types of fishing location:
The ocean (the whole thing is the same)
Cold freshwater (think wintersummit)
Hot freshwater (think sandfall and ravenna)