All your arguments can go here

go on ahead and fight here. don’t clog up other topic replies just to settle your arguments.

You are ugly.

Why the fuck did you make a post for this you promoting arguments

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its bc godsnake is argumenting on a topic of a dude and its getting too off topic so i supose he made this for argumenting here tho its kinda weird


there’s these people fighting on the topic “making a picture of my guild” so I just made a topic for them to fight on rather than another person’s legit topic.

i am not argumenting with him i am just making him mad with nonsense

Guild drama am I right?

Dogs and cats are equal in likability, there I said it

I am so pissed off rn

yeeeesss yeeeees. very good. start the controversy. AHAHAHA HAHHAHA

well dogs and cats arent like enemies is just that dogs bark at everything and cats dont like that

@discobot roll 1d100

What is the percent that this topic starts an actuall arguement

:game_die: 54


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

stfu stupid bitch

symptoms of ezquisofrenia

shut the heck up robot