Allow us to change the hairstyle of deckhands

Allow us to change the hairstyle of deckhands
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In the update the deckhand rework allowed us to have our deckhands look any way we like with the exception of hair which is honestly surprising considering how ugly these mfs can look. It’s really annoying server hopping to find a deckhand with the best stats only for them to look so unappealing

Details/background on your proposal

At great loyalty level we should be able to suggest the type of hair our deckhands use and a ui similar to the character creation screen will pop up and show us first,secondary, and facial hair that we can choose.

Reason to add/change

Some deckhands look really ugly with the hair combos they have and I wanna change them lmaoooo

I’d also like to change their facial expressions.

Considering their personalities already don’t match their faces that’d make sense

I mean, I’d love to just fully customize a deckhand. Appearance, title, accessories, everything
Makes them feel like my very own special NPC even more.

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I mean I have this guy in full titanium armor, red cape, blonde hair, who screams about reloading cannons, but he has the goofiest smile 24/7.
It doesn’t help that his name is literally “Bean”

I imagine at least the moody looking deckhands should brighten up a bit after finally joining a crew maybe a feature vetex could add idk?

Idc if it’s a gamepass I NEED IT

llet me drip out my entire deck hand instead :sob:



give them the fade workshop


question the sanity of any man who decides to recruit a dude with a yee yee ass haircut called Ratliff
fucking Ratliff

His cut so bad I made this suggestion

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