Almost from arcane odyssey , tell me

Nothing much here , i just want to create a new topic Tell me , how do you feeling about arcane odyssey almost coming? , after that all of time waiting

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Among Us

the same as normal

even since seeing the original ao announcement ive never been dying to play the game or anything, of course i was excited but its never been hard to wait for me like it has with other people

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It doesn’t feel real. AO isn’t supposed to come out, it’s just supposed to always be in development and we wait for it to come out. It’s not, however, supposed to actually come out.


i’m currently in a weird mix of extremely hyped and totally neutral about the game

i think i’ve waited for so long that it just doesn’t feel real anymore that we’ve gotten this close to release or at least early access


It just feels so wrong for some reason…

Like this this the game we have been waiting YEARS for to come out…

and now that we’re finally on the verge, the tipping point of AO’s release? it just feels like a dream.

I mean like multiverse said, this is supposed to be the game that’s always out of reach, and yet, now it is in reach.

I dunno I’m kinda processing this whole journey from when I first got into the arcane universe to where i am now

i only joined last year, and now ive merged into part of the community.
i want to do a lot of stuff such as making youtube videos on it, and im hoping i can grow my channel from this
it is also everything i wanted in a game, so im really excited to be finally able to play it for myself.

if feels weird, like the others forumers said

I agree with AMultiversalEntity
It doesn’t feel correct for it to actually release. My brain can’t process that.

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It’s been so long that I should be hyped but I just feel completely neutral about it

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I feel like it’s going to be worth the wait, i’m hype for it

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Imagine merging with the community

Me who’s always been an outsider:

:smiling_face_with_tear: :+1:

started playing wom during the final open test, and it became my new favourite game on the platform because of how customisable the magic system is and the general high quality compared to other games on the platform

excited to play the new and improved version when it comes out and see all the new stuff, especially lost spells

There was a time where wom and tds were my 2 favorite games on roblox

Feels good

I am choosing to remain cynical

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