Alr guys, so how many of u play isle?

im bored, im courios how many of u guys heard about isle

played 2 runs with some friends, quite fun. one of the better made games on this awful lego game.

I played it once with friends, got washed by a swat team, never touched it again

I badge hunted on isle for a fair while since I really enjoyed the game.
It isn’t really a skill based game, its more of a memory/planning game.

eh, depending on the situation it can req some skill, i mostly go in public lobbies to do a bit of trolling, and sometimes i see some absolute gods that can solo people with only a revolver, they are tricky to kill

well what are they gonna do against the operational and fully loaded minigun I caught fishing.

(ambush, kill, and take it)

reminds me when i went to the observatories and i found a assault shotgun, poor group of 5 people that were near me

and today when i play it, someone manage to dodge my assault shotgun and rifle, in the same location, and killed me with a revolver

Tried it out and gave it a fair chance. It’s decent I just wish it was more forgiving towards newer players. When i first started out I was confused and had no idea what I was doing.

played with friends, the last time I played it me and a friend of mine did the true ending and I scuffed it at the last moment so :sob:

Ngl I quite like the combat since it rewards meticulous planning n coordination and shit (which most players fail at)