Alr, here we go again

slightly outdated
if you can get the idea here, tank and gas them out. plasma later to ignite my flames back if needed. jewels will be cloud size if intensity changes but 20 beam already does wonders

Almost the same health as calvus

This would’ve been the perfect excuse to actually use aliethia gear because the Intensity would help the poison clouds

You should probably go 160 magic because then you get beam T2 which will make it and most likely the clouds it creates bigger (according to the wiki at least)

i could but if intensity changes to jewels i have to grind a new set (maybe replace the helmet with argos and the 1 jewel thing with aliethia hat)

also i went 160 vit for more hp and the 4th spirit weapon move spirit walk which allows me to… do nothing. it makes sense that the beam would create bigger clouds but maybe it just increases the damage and size of it as well as clashing.

Wont work against competent players.
No amount of health will save you from Warrior to begin with, i’ve tested this extensively (i’ve greened a 5k hp knight with my warrior)

IF the warrior does not have defense (or like 600) you should be able to try to rush them down before they u