Alright alright... NOW what's the most beautiful place you've been so far? Is it your the place you reside or a place you've traveled too!

Now, I haven’t been around much places in my life yet, but as of now… the top 2 that I have trouble deciding is Northern California and the Bahamas. Northern California for its big trees and the awesome weather, on contrary the Bahamas sick beaches (when there isn’t a hurricane destroying them.)


small,serene island

probably qatar, the water there is really clean and blue, like the kinds you see in resorts, and the sunrise i saw there was amazing
there were lots of really tall buildings and some had their own unique shapes too
wish i had photos of them on me rn but trust me it was pretty nice

Halifax, seeing the Atlantic. It’s a lot of water

Tennessee, Great Smoky Mountains National Park.
My GOD it’s something else.
Close second, since I can’t remember it well, Gulf Shores, Alabama. Real damn nice, but it doesn’t compare to those damn mountains.

The shadow realm

Never ventured out of my nearby area for anything besides school so I have no clue.

@tong drew mine

I got two places that are both fantastic so listing both

steamboat springs on the peak of storm mountain, i’ve snowboarded from there and my god the view is incredible

the hotsprings at yellowstone were super cool, geysers weren’t nearly as cool as the springs tbh

problem is you just can’t get a grasp of what these places are like from photos, gotta see em yourself

heres a picture I took on my phone of the mammoth hot springs, pictures just can’t do it justice, this thing is massive

bro gotta see this…

i gotta go there someday

meowwolf, it’s not really a natural place but a ‘‘themepark’’. it’s really bizzare and interesting and has lore (sort of??). here’s some images of it i found on google(because all the images i took include me/ a family member)


anywhere that I’ve been to where it was snowing
cold is bliss
I don’t mind the cold
fuck the heat

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The first one is Seoul airport. The second one is from my hotel room in Dalat (city from a trip)

nice watermarks

Thank you :rofl: don’t want anyone taking these photos

only exception is when the snow is brown and looks like shit

bro where did you get those pictures. I gotta find all these places

its MeowWolf (new mexico one) btw, its basically hallucination land and it cool

Bruh hallucination land? Without those weird, er…

hallucination land but its not hallucination and you can touch things

This man speaks the truth