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Cheetah embodiment reduces your damage for a faster casting speed

Bear embodiment increases your damage greatly but decreases your casting speed

Spider embodiment stuns your opponent and makes your casting speed a bit faster and grabs travel longer and faster but your damage is dealt with poison ticks which does 5% of your damage for(Can be canceled by charging certain magics such as wind) DubiousLittleTyp0’s idea

Tick embodiment when you hit your opponent you heal 20% of the damage you do but do 20% less damage

Deepwoken Bloodless gem Reference

Beetle embodiment When you are hit during the ability duration damage is reduced by 20% but Grab distance is shorter

Hedgehog embodiment When you are hit during the duration of the ability retaliate and do 20% of the damage that the ability did

Lion embodiment ability does 20% more damage and the last hit does bleeding which does 5% of the attacks damage (Can be cancelled by charging magics such as fire)

Just ideas

become the Hollow Knight

give me credit for this one I came up with it first >:((

dont like how specific and unique these are when they are meant to apply to every attack and be generic enough to work with everything
like the spider thing has stun AND an effect, the beetle thing only applies to rushdown, some of these are only positive while they are meant to be trade offs

meanwhile magic only has stat changes