Am I able to add this to writing

I couldnt add this to writing category, so I have to post in game discussion

So I am planning on having rizz between 2 characters, but I have a quick question. Am I allowed to have any form of a Kiss inside the story?

Maybe not too explicit and detailed, yeah?

Yeah, im not going that far…

@Robotstics would you know, as you own the writing category?


I’m sure kissing is fine. But hand holding? that’s way too gratuitous.

100% definetly makes sense

kissing is probably chill if I can get away with having some guy shove a sword down an atlantean’s throat and not get struck down

you’ll be fine. After all it’s just a kiss and all, nothing wrong about that.

I think a kiss on the lips is the furthest you can go.

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Yeah, fair enough
what happened to your mod?

I’m only a ‘mod’ in the writing and general writing category only (not advanced writing)

Oh, okay! Do you wanna get on ao with me?

I’m in bed rn lol so sorry I can’t. It’s 18 past midnight rn.

like theyre both smooching and i do a javelin throw with my greatsword into an atlanteans head…

This is why i dont do anything in the writing section

depending on the bodypart, if its anything else that lips, cheeks, or hand, no

Feet? Asking for a friend

bro is about to write the most devious story consisting of iris

Oh, cool, I guess I can release my spicy Edward x Enzior fanfic then.

/j I ain’t writin’ that

aww mannnn

Okay… I dont even want to make it that “sus”…

the FBI stopped looking…
QUICK, WRITE [censored due to rule restrictions] WHILE THEY ARE GONE