Am I the only one who prefers the White Tower to Silverhold?

I’m sorry, the white tower was just so much more fun, fighting your way through to the top, eventually making the whole thing collapse

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the interior was a lot more boring and the fact it could collapse was a massive flaw since it destroyed the server.
however, i liked how there was cells on most floors and you had a view of the outside, and it was fun to climb. could and probably will be done again in a different sea, except obviously you wouldnt collapse it

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It was definitely a much grander setpiece, but it was not good performance-wise. When it was destroyed, the server would stop for several minutes.

I’m sure there’ll be locations as cool as the tower in future seas, we’re in the kiddie-pool in the Bronze Sea. We’ve yet to even dip our toes in the deep end.

It would be really awesome if there were similar sized towers in the Dark Sea, to act as dungeons.

the true grand navy base of operations better be like marineford or something

whats the white tower

They’re referencing silent tower, I believe.

White tower :sob:
I was thinking of whitesummit with a big tower :sob:

This topic just makes me sad that the islands aren’t as big as I was hyped up for them to be. :fr:

Tbh I kinda knew they’d be small, except for Ravenna, I thought ravenna would be really big until I realized

the mountain covers 80% of ravenna considering it being four times bigger than alelea :broken_heart:

And the big islands were like Wind-row and or mount othyris but nothing much happens there

bruh ravenna is a massive letdown

the entire island is an ugly anthill with absolutely bare minimum to do on it.

Chances are the only reason you go up there is to look for your rival or trigger the julian cutscene if you’re on the storyline.

my only issue with silverhold is that it’s built for running and diving in and out of parts of the building like a rat
you cannot catch anyone there

of course you are

because clearly you’ve never played the actual game seeing as you called the silent tower the white tower