Am I tripping or being on an island under claim threat doesn't contest it anymore

So yeah, if you’ll excuse the horrible mage gameplay (it’s my PvE slot + I haven’t PvPed as a Mage I swear) it seems like my presence on the island I claimed didn’t contest it if it was under claim threat?

Their previous 2 deaths also saw the same problem as I couldn’t stop them from contesting my island despite being there and spammed the bloody hell out of the claiming flag

Also stay safe little fodder :upside_down_face:

Might be a bug. I remember seeing some patchnotes related to how contesting islands worked a while back, could be related to that.

yeah this happened to me once

It has been an issue pre Nimbus update but this is the first time I bothered to take a clip

However back then when I tried to capture my island back it said contested. Literally had to play cat and mouse for a while before I got it back