An interesting poll about an emoticon

What emotion does the T_T face mean?

  • Crying/sobbing
  • Frustration/Disappointment
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i think it’s just T-T but taller, so sob

I just now realized this :skull:

i thought it was just a bored face

:sob: for sobbing and T-T for disappointment

now i cant unsee it as a crying face ;-;

i mean, considering you specifically used an underscore i guess ill go with the second option
although i cant say i didnt see the difference between - and _ at first. at worst i would have thought its a typo

Its weird, I’ve always visualized it as crying/sobbing but always see the meaning as frustration and disappointment.

Its more of a disappointed face if there’s an underscore in the middle. Something like a hyphen or a ^ (idk what its called) would make it more of a crying face.


i think it’s like disappointed crying, like a solemn sob

sounds like a soup ingredient