An issue with the Warlord stat requirement change

How does it work? the equation? if its like level + cost then maybe if you have only one stat you can use it but it’s at 50% effeciancy because you can’t wield it properly (more weapons you are not strong enough to use it properly, more strength and you are strong enough but not effeciant in its use). this makes it to where if you have both it will be 100% but at that point warriors will have better tiers

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better example maybe level 80 + 85 = 165str 165wep but you need one for 50% and both for 100% (still the issue of high requirement)

i think i need more information cause i don’t think im the only one confused on the formula

currently the idea is that the normal formula is double your level plus the skill’s innate cost is the weapon skill requirement to use a skill on a particular weapon

with strength weapons, the original idea is that this cost is split evenly between strength and weapons stat, this means if a skill would normally take 100 stat points in weapons to be used that same skill would take 50 strength and 50 weapon stat when put on a strength weapon

the new idea is that the 100 stat point skill would instead take 75 strength and 75 weapon, which means 150 total points (much more than warriors would need for the skill on a regular weapon)

this causes problems because it means that the strength weapons that will get added in the future will have extremely bloated stat requirements and would barely be able to interact with the new weapon customization feature (the lowest requirements with argos weapons wouldn’t even be achievable with the current level cap) and even when they are achievable their tiers would potentially be abysmal

Well then would it make sense that instead it should be assuming 100, 25 w and 25 str but also at 50% effect therefore now they get same or better access but lower tiers?


tl;dr currently warlords would get the same tiers as warriors with the skills with how things are currently implemented in the game

the change that went through would increase requirements for skills so that warlords no longer get the same tier sizes, but the problem now is that the requirements are too bloated and effectively brings the required level to use warlord weapons much higher than their listed level

lower the weapons level?

Wsg I’m back from the dead

nah thats rb1

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rb1 did say I was his alt one time

he’s onto something

I was planning out my builds and just realized how absolutely horrible this change is, and removing any buff that strength weapons get from the already lackluster customization feature, I really hope vetex doesn’t go through with any of the options there

hybrids might not be meant to access the high tier skills right away, but warlord would be able to if nothing is changed


I know but even tier 2 skills can’t be put on halberd, isn’t that a little bit annoying?

2 things:

  1. This change isn’t happening because vetex didn’t deem it necessary
  2. The 75% split for str/wep wouldve only applied to skills that weren’t originally on the weapon, which would apply to crushing judgement for example, but not striking gale

But everything I just said doesn’t matter because no change is happening in the first place

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