An issue with the Warlord stat requirement change

(Context for people not in balancecord:)

A couple days ago, Balancecord polled this change:

While the poll results led to the first result winning, I actually think the first result is the worst possible option- and I have a good reason for this.

Let’s assume level 80 weapons that aren’t Argos weapons exist for a second to make this make sense. In order to use a level 80 weapon as a Warrior, you would need 160 weapon skill. The first skills you can use with that weapon would need 30 extra weapon skill points, for 190 points total (level 95)

HOWEVER, that same situation with an Argos weapon introduces a huge problem. In order to use a strength weapon of the same level, you would need a total of 240 points (120s/120w) and to use the first skills possible with that weapon you’d need a total of 285 points (142.5s/142.5w, whether thats rounded up or down doesn’t matter too much)

What is supposed to be a level 80 weapon effectively becomes a level 120 weapon, and you gain access to its skills 50% slower. This issue will be exacerbated as higher level strength weapons get added- a level 120 strength weapon would effectively be a level 180 weapon, a level 200 strength weapon would be a level 300 weapon, etc etc.

I do believe that there needs to be some kind of nerf to strength weapons so that warlords don’t become The One Meta:tm: but the current trajectory in the nerf will make Warlord completely unable to use its class specific weapons until much higher level caps- heck, it would make Argos weapons completely useless at the current projected level cap for the next update (140).

(and yes I know I voted option 1 but now I’d retract that vote)

Option 3 is somewhat better since you can still use their base skill set, but still presents the issue that strength weapons are almost completely unable to interact with the new weapon skill system until a level cap of at LEAST 144-146.

I’m not entirely sure what a better solution would look like, maybe just a general tier nerf for strength weapons? All I know is that the current solution that was voted on would present huge problems, for earlygame warlords in the current game and lategame warlords in the future once strength weapons with higher minimum levels show up.

Sorry for yapping, I just realized that this is an issue that needs to be addressed before it gets added into the game and causes problems

(I’d have brought this up in balancecord if balancecord wasn’t currently locked down)

bro didn’t you pick 1


mb bro it was in the middle and I didn’t read the whole thing

We here at the balancing team like to fuck over any hybrids, except conjurer because that’s our favorite one

the good ending


tbh I like the third one

it still has the problem of making warlord weapons not get access to the weapon customization feature until higher level caps, whereas regular weapons would get it just fine

There’s a very simple solution to this and afaik it’s mostly been implemented through the skill chart

It’s that warlords are getting skills that literally every other class has access to
The only skill, the singular skill that people are freaking out about is crushing judgement
If it bothers you that much simply remove it from being compatible with cleavers and limit it to blunt weapons only


that’s not the issue

the issue is that the tiers of the skills (which affect the size) would be the same as warriors, which is bad (hybrids are meant to have worse tiers because of imbues)

Wouldn’t that be only on strength weapons? The entire point of it is that they have high dmg and size at the cost of speed which the speed affinity will fix this update

And reading through balancecord it seems that the main issue is that future skills that are available for warriors can be used by warlords as well if they have a compatible strength weapon

You could just put a ban on those skills, making sure they can’t be disarmed until conjurers and knights and warlords reach the appropriate level


3 > 1

tiers stack with the size affinities I believe, which means that if nothing is done then warlords will become oppressive in the size stacking department

the skill ban you suggest won’t do anything, it just delays the problem

either way this thread is mainly to spread awareness of the issue the current proposed change would cause

If that’s the case the third option would be the best out of the proposed ones but it still feels incomplete, with heavier investment into weapons when strength weapons have lower weapons requirement so that the rest can be put into strength

All in all we need to wait for the update to come out first
Wouldn’t mind warlord suddenly being meta tho🤭

cant we all just wait until the update releases
this is just like spirit weapons all over again

Who will win spirit weapons or strength weapons with crushing judgement and sparow thrust

Balance team is full of cringe anime cosplayers.

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the problem here is that we already know how things will work, and we can accurately predict the problems that can arise before we even have access to them because of how much we know

Is that the real camreeyan? It can’t be

Welp there goes any hope of being able to use Argo’s weapons to their full potential and having a lost magic as savant.

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