An odyssey of discussions 2# The divers

I’ve wanted to talk about this for a while now but i’ve never really gotten around to it because of school and just my horrible motivation. But the day has finally come where we talk about my second favorite feature in Arcane odyssey.

Looking over the trello card we see relatively nothing here except another way to potentially get sunkens or just farm chest but i see here a opportunity with vetex hopefully bumping this feature up up to Large because of how much he can do with this.
First of all Vetex could make being a diver an occupation (bet you forgot those exist) with full suits that assist you underwater. Let’s say you dive underwater with your gear on you start swimming to the bottom of the seafloor and you spot some ruins of a castle that you explore to potentially obtain great treasures or legendary sunken weapons.
Although that’s just a portion of what vetex could make this feature into I hope all of you reading this right now will look over the trello cards and start to think about how far vetex can go with them. Adventure, danger, opportunity, and so much more.

That’s all for todays A.o.o.d .
But what do you think, what do you think vetex will shape this feature into?

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Probably going to be a cool feature

I imagine that deep sea diving is gonna give me alot of Subnautica flashbacks lol.

Imagine a sea monster spawns nearby :skull:


I hope the Sensing feature gives some ominous messages when you are diving deep

I hope the Sensing feature gives some ominous messages when you are diving deep (totally didn’t reply to the wrong person at first)

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and you only have magics that break in the water :skull:


Would be cool if we have a diving suit set in AO that lets you explore the ocean floor without worrying about depleting your oxygen bar. However, the suit have limited range because of the air hose connected from your suit to your boat.

There is already a diving suit package already made by Roblox.

“Proceeds to barricade myself in my base and swear to never venture past the reef again.”

Flurshed him down the turlet

I don’t think that would really fit with the time the game is set it

i’m always scared for video game sharks imagine sea monsters

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