An overused surname

I’ve seen like 5 Takeshi’s Dawg


He’s Takeshi, you’re Tekeshi, I’m Takeshi! Are there any more Takeshi’s I need to know about?


I only know Takeshi the car speed tunnel runner

Omg it’s Kai Takeshi! Izumi Takeshi! Hagashi Takeshi!

I have Takeshi as a first name.
Does that mean you can be Takeshi Takeshi, Lord of the Takeshi, first bringer of the Takeshipocalyspe as you sail around on your Takeship Of the Line, causing all to quail in their boots as you state
“Nah, I’d Takeshi”

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Everytime I hear the name Takeshi I can only think of a certain person and his screaming skills about something he’s very passionate about.

For the Visionary Joke:

This guy was born with a rare ocular trait only found in his clan, the ocular trait literally lets him cast out absolute hypnosis and illusions, which he used to make it look like his name was Takeshi on every single god damn profile and account.

Basically he was magic Sharingan / Six Eyes. Literally the entirety of the Asahi Nation told this family to kill every single baby born with this eyes cause they’re scared of the what they could do.

Visionshaper from deepwoken?!?!?!

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takeshi curse

All the people named Aaron in WoM:

So many Takeshis

ironically there are probably more guys with the surname “takeshi” than “bean”