An unbiased opinion and summary of common fighting styles but I try my hardest to piss everyone off

Bro I run this fighting style with magma magic I wanted to combine a braindead magic with a braindead style for something that’s fun.

milk is good fuck you


hey cockwaffle have you ever heard of a stereotype


look it’s the #clans section

I went explosion thermo fist and swapped to an ice conjurer the second i got 100%

fighting styles are pretty wack rn

Explosion is :slightly_smiling_face: though

I like how TAITC will always be based and one of the best forumer (at least for me)

I also love this Lil Mac

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it wasn’t mine it was from the wiki

I see…
but it’s still awesome ngl

Best flavor?



and what if im a sailor fist berserker?
repeat that

Absolutely freaking based I love strawberry too

repeat that

how half the community reacts when I say I main skateboard

fuck dick